Handling Objection – 3 Effective Sales Strategies for Handling Objection

Handling Objection Strategies

Handling objection is a critical quality that separates an outstanding salesperson, from a mediocre one. If you don’t have the skills and knowledge for dealing with your prospect’s objection, you’ll struggle to close sales.

When you encounter objections, don’t hit the panic button! Welcome these as opportunities to persuade your prospect and tip them over the edge. By knowing how to persuade people, you’ll have the confidence to close more sales.

Review the 3 effective strategies below to see how you can use neuro linguistic programming (NLP) to persuade people and close the sale.

Handling Objection: I Need More Time

When your prospect says they need more time to decide, or they’ll “think about it,” they’re usually looking for an escape.

People are often embarrassed or ashamed to give an outright no, so they’ll try to create a diversion to deflect the heat. This is especially prevalent when selling big ticket items.

The best way of handling objection in this case is to keep the prospect talking. Ask them what in particular they would like more information about. Is there anything I didn’t explain clearly?

Handling objection is far easier if it’s done immediately. If given time to dwell, your prospect will only come up with more objections. By keeping them talking, handling objection becomes easier for you.

Handling Objection: I Can’t Afford It

Anyone who’s in sales for a few weeks should be able to detect a price objection before it’s explicitly stated. Using a NLP technique called “pre framing” enables you to neutralize the power of any price objections before they happen.

When you anticipate a pricing objection is brewing, you can state: “I know it might seem our price is higher than our competitors,’ you need to look at the total savings. Over five years, our product has the potential to save you excess of $50,000 – that’s a lot more than our competitors can guarantee.”

Especially in these uncertain post-GFC economic conditions, price objections are far more common. By pre-framing, you’re handling objection before it’s had a chance to happen.

Handling Objection: I Don’t Need Your Product

You’ve done your best to highlight the benefits of your product, however your prospect still doubts whether they really need it. It’s extremely frustrating, I know!

Using another highly effective NLP command can erase doubt from your prospect’s mind, leaving them convinced.

Embedded commands are a very powerful NLP technique, targeting the subconscious mind. By embedding a highly persuasive statement in a seemingly ordinary sentence, handling objection becomes much easier.

When your prospect doubts whether he needs your product you can confront the objection with a simple sentence.

“I understand what you mean, but let me just take a moment to review the benefits of my product so that you’ll be able to buy with confidence.”

To most people, this will seem like a simple, straightforward sentence. However, on closer inspection, you’re handling objection by instilling a powerful subliminal message in your prospect’s mind. “Buy with confidence” directly plants the seed for your prospect to close the deal.

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