How To Persuade People: 5 Essential Persuasion Tips

How to Perusade People - Build Trust and RapportHow to persuade people is the question on many people’s minds. Persuasion however does not involve bullying or blackmail, far from it.

Persuasion is merely expressing your viewpoint in a convincing manner, in hope of getting the other person to agree with your view and accept your proposal.

Knowing how to persuade people is a critical skill in sales, day-to-day business, and just about all walks of life. You are persuading people on a daily basis, without often realizing it!

Read on to learn five essential tips how to persuade people.

1) Establish Rapport First.

When someone likes you, its far easier for you to get them to do something. If you’re a good student and get on well with your teacher, it’ll be far easier to persuade your teacher to raise your grade on a test.

If you rarely attend class, fail most of your exams and don’t put in any effort, your teacher won’t want to waste their time on you. Much less, consider revising your grades if challenged.

2) Be Different.

By highlighting a task’s uniqueness, you’ll be able to persuade people to want to complete that task. Make the task sound special, something only a single person can complete well. Pull this off and you’ll have people lining up, wanting to be the one to complete the task.

Knowing how to persuade people well involves thinking outside the square. By making a task appear unique and interesting, you’ll magnify its appeal and make it sound like a worthy cause.

3) Find Out People’s Likes and Dislikes

It’s always critical to do your research before embarking on any task. If you want to know how to persuade people, you must know what they like and dislike.

By tailoring your persuasive efforts to suit your prospect, you’ll magnify your chances of success. If you know your prospect loves chicken, but hates fish, you wouldn’t want to take them to a seafood restaurant for a meeting.

It may seem obvious, but this is so often overlooked, with devastating consequences. Just a little research beforehand will pay great dividends later.

4) Be On Their Side.

Another effective way how to persuade people is by showing them you’re looking out for their best interests. If you’re selling an item, always talk about how it will benefit your prospect, not yourself.

By talking from your prospect’s point of view, you’ll engage them fully, making them feel special and important.

If you come across as self-serving, and only caring about hitting your sales target, you’ll have a hard time convincing anyone.

By mentioning how the product can make their life easier or their business more productive, you’ll gain and most importantly maintain their interest. When someone is interested in what you’ve got to say or what you’re selling, they require far less persuasion to buy!

5) Appeal To Their Morals.

Some people’s age or status can help you decide on the best persuasive tactic to use.

Mature people can be more likely to be persuaded when you talk about good morals and sound conduct. Priests and people who are into public service are also often influenced by arguments that associate with good morals.

Learning how to persuade people takes a lot of practice and keen observation. Once you figure out how to apply these tips, you’ll have no problem knowing how to persuade people to do anything at all.

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