How to Persuade People Using Coffee, Say What?

How to Persuade People with Coffee!

Hold it right there! Before you grab your third coffee for the morning to open your weary eyes…

If you’ve been wondering how to persuade people and find it difficult, well read on. This might well be the easiest persuasion technique you’ll ever use! After all, who can say no to a coffee?

Researchers at the University of Queensland, Australia, demonstrated that people become more susceptible to persuasion (PDF, 250Kb) under the influence of caffeine.

It’s no secret that caffeine enhances attention, vigilance and cognition; however this additional finding is quite interesting.

In their experiment, the researches split the test group in half. Thirty participants were given an orange flavored drink containing caffeine, the other half were given a placebo.

All participants were chosen due to their strong support for voluntary euthanasia. Participants were then given six persuasive articles to read, arguing against voluntary euthanasia.

When asked about their thoughts towards voluntary euthanasia, those having consumed the caffeinated beverage were more influenced by the message.

The researchers hypothesized that people who’ve consumed caffeine would also be more easily persuaded on indirect issues.

Participants were asked about their attitudes towards abortion. To the researchers’ surprise, the persuasive effects also stretched into the indirect issue of abortion. More of the caffeine-fueled participants were being persuaded by the articles they read.

With an estimated 80% of adults in the UK and US regularly consuming some form of caffeinated beverage, it gets even more interesting.

Is it just a coincidence that so many business meetings are conducted over a “casual coffee,” or is there really a hidden agenda?

Perhaps it’s just that when you’re more tired, your mind isn’t as focused and alert. Persuasive messages rely on the other person listening to what you’re saying. If the message doesn’t get fully processed, then its impact is lessened.

Caffeine can make us process incoming messages more thoroughly, potentially leading to increased susceptibility to persuasion.

So watch out, next time you get offered a cup of coffee by your boss, partner or business contact. They may be using the simplest method on how to persuade people, without you suspecting a thing. That is, until now!

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