Persuasion Techniques – Get What You Want With 3 Simple Persuasion Techniques

Persuasion Techniques - Get What You Want

Some people associate persuasion techniques with manipulation and believe it to be unethical. However, manipulation is very different from persuasion.

Persuasion techniques are used to influence people to agree with a request or your way of thinking. Persuasion should never force someone to do something for self-interest.

Persuasion techniques should always aim to provide a “win-win” situation for both parties. At best you should ensure the other party is never negatively affected as a result of your persuasive efforts.

Manipulation on the other hand is a forceful and unethical practice, involving lies and trickery. Persuasion techniques help others accept your requests without violating their free will.

1) Being Positive In Your Approach

One of the more effective persuasion techniques involves being positive in your approach, especially if you are a sales person, trying to sell goods or services.

It’s important to remain professional in your dealings. Always introduce yourself before asking the other person’s name.

Remaining friendly and moderating your speech to match theirs will help to build rapport. When you’ve established rapport with the other person, it becomes much easier to persuade them.

2) Point Out The Benefits

Highlighting a product’s benefits is a major persuasion technique used by sales people – in particular used car salesmen. Explaining the benefits and how it will assist the other person, will improve your chances of making a sale.

Avoid trying to push for a sale. People will immediately see this and raise their guard. A pushy sales person also appears desperate. There’s no faster way to sabotage your chances of selling, than appearing desperate!

Try to inject a subliminal message that owning your product or buying your service is a good idea. Align with their personal or business goals and illustrate how buying from you will be beneficial.

Body language is also a critical persuasion technique. The majority of what’s communicated is not done so verbally.

Emotions, eye contacts, gestures, and other forms of nonverbal communication are all vital for getting your message across. Don’t be afraid to use these to surround your prospect with imagery, making it irresistible to refuse your offer.

3) Turn Weaknesses and Objections Into Strengths

You must always be prepared for objection and criticism. These are a normal part of life, especially for those in sales. When it comes time for commitment, the excuse floodgates will open wide.

Knowing your product or service is critical for being able to counter any objections. An important persuasion technique for overcoming objection is agreement.

Firstly, agree with your prospect’s objection, and then illustrate how it’s easily overcome. If your prospect says the price is too high, you would first say: “yes, its not cheap, but you’re getting (advantages) A, B and C.”

Then go on to illustrate how these advantages will help their business and alleviate your prospect’s pain points.

By using persuasion techniques like this, you’ll improve your success rate and achieve what you want more often. Having a positive outlook on life and turning weaknesses into strengths is vital for successful persuasion.

Persuasion techniques take time to master. With a little practice and effort, you’ll be able to match your mind with your target and convince them to do anything you want. Just bear in mind the first golden rule of persuasion, always aim for a “win-win” situation.

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